Ocean seafood was initially registered on 10th October 1994. Prior to the establishment of the current fish processing facility, the company was actively involved in export of grouper to the Far East Asian markets. However, due to the dramatic decline of the grouper fishery during the 1990s the company decided to diversify its operation in the Yellowfin tuna industry. Currently the company is only active in the Yellowfin tuna processing and mainly exports fresh-chilled Yellowfin tuna to Europe, USA, Japan and Sri Lanka.

Fresh Yellowfin and Bigeye tuna are the main target species but the facility also processes several species of reef fish and bill fishes depending on market demand and fishing. Furthermore, the company is also looking to venture into the Grouper export industry in a near future depending on the availability of the markets.

After years of experience in the fishing industry the company has gradually developed over the years.

Quality Policy

To operate a successful fish processing facility that supplies quality fish to the export market it is imperative that the processing facility is located in close proximity to the international transportation hub.. Therefore, to maintain the freshness of the products processed fish handling and transportation times have to be minimized.


  • Ocean Seafood has already established understanding with buyers in the East giving the company the potential to positively contribute to the industry, helping to increase the demand for the local catch and minimizing the dependence on limited market.
  • The promotion of the fish processing facility to European grade processing facility will lead to more competition among fish processing facilities in the region. This will in effect fetch a better fish purchase price for fishermen improving their income.
  • The facility will provide easy access to essential facilities such as ice, fuel and water to the fishing vessels and this will allow the fishermen to spend more time fishing instead of sitting idle in queues for ice and oil.

Environmental Consideration

Any non-degradable waste that is produced in the facility will be disposed-off as per the rules and regulations set by the concerned authorities. If required bio-degradable waste will be collected in containers and disposed in the open ocean. Any other waste will be transferred to waste management centers in the proximity as is done presently.